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Special Sauce Whole Flower Kief

Solventless premium CBD Kief extracted from Special Sauce Whole Flower.

Raw CBD 22.2% and total CBD of 19.9%

  • 100% Natural & Organic
  • Oregon CBD Special Sauce Kief
  • Great for Smoking, Vaping & Dabs
  • Can Be Pressed Into Hash & Roisin
  • Ideal For Edibles- Cleaner & Lighter Flavor Profile & Concentrated. Depending On The Desired Effect, Many Recipes Swap 1 Gram Of Kief VS 7 Grams Of Flower.

Test Results in Images.  NIce Levels on CBN, CBG, CBD, Etc...

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Customer Reviews

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C. T.
I slept very well.

I bought the special sauce for sleep issues and so far, after only one trial, it seems to have worked very well. As some friends told me, it only takes a rice-size amount under the tongue so that is what I did. It tasted like it smelled. It has a VERY strong and very familiar odor... Very Hempy, weedy smelling. I personally LOVE that smell. I can't wait to try it again tonight. I am going to make some Mulungu tea (another great product from OKIE) and put the sauce in the hot tea, as I've heard the heat will activate it and give it even MORE special powers. LOL! I'm hoping.. If not, I'll stick with under the tongue.

Terri ODell

OMG. This is amazing. I use it when I need a boost in conjunction with my Kratom. It knocks my pain right out!! I love this!!

Teresa Young
Kief review

I mixed a lil bit in with my tea and within about 15 minutes I was so relaxed. My back had been hurting all day but now I'm able to move around much easier. Will definitely be buying more!!! I love all things okie!!!

Linda Dobson
Top Quality

I’ve tried many products for nerve pain, specifically sciatica and they’ve helped a little but not to the degree this little product has. I used just a tiny bit in yogurt a couple of hours before bed. About 40 min later I was completely relaxed and nerve pain wasn’t even a thought. I was able to sleep very well and didn’t toss and turn from one side to the other bc of hip pain and neuropathy. This will be a regular in my little tool box of herbals. Thank you Okie for the sample and having this product available. Happy Customer !