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Crystal Extract -$20

Indonesian made crystal extract.  Very difficult to import but worth every penny.  Beautiful, this stuff just shines.  Red, White, Green, and Gold. Each package contains 14 grams.



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Type: Kratom Powder

Customer Reviews

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Ben Stark
Good price and useful

It’s great for sprinkling a dash on top of your normal dose if you want an extra kick or want to use less powder. Will buy again

Devin Henkemeyer
Good extract

This stuff was WELL worth the money! I can't wait to try the other vein colors 😁 Thank you so much Okies for holdin it down with the freshness!

Tobi Lucabaugh
Green extract

This extract is beautiful and gives me all the things I look for in an extract. Definitely on top of my list. Can't wait to try the rest of the colors.

Kevin Compton
Clean green and powerful

A couple of knocks on Kratom is that it doesn’t taste good and is difficult to swallow. If you know the tips and tricks and have been partaking for years, you probably don’t fall in that category. But the crystals are super clean tasting, the green is a beautiful shiny green and it is more potent than the powder. It goes down smooth and I have shared it with so many people at work who all shop here now. Keep up the good work Okie.

Frankie Redding
Not a big fan of extracts usually But….

Really enjoying this mixed with my daily green maeng da. Order was shipped same day as purchase, received in just a few days. Will be trying some other stuff for sure.