About us



In my small town, the only place to get kratom was to go to the local head shop. For me, because of my public career, it was not the place I needed to visit or been seen coming out of.  In small towns, people talk and it does not have to be true.

The other issue was that I am just about as "redneck" as it comes and I don't know anything about the metric system.  Most kratom is sold in grams.  Most kratom is also sold in large quantities.  What if i don't like a particular strain? I would be stuck a huge amount. No Bueno!

That brings us to the birth of "Okie Kratom".  How about selling Kratom differently -for the rest of us.  How about selling small amounts at a great price so you can find what you like -for the rest of us.  How about using terms and measurements we can all understand - for the rest of us. How about getting the product straight from where it is grown from a family guy like myself -for the rest of us.  How about packaging that looks professional - for the rest of us.

If you have never used KRATOM before, do your research then come buy from OKIE Kratom.  

Feel free to text me anytime if you have any question.  We respond very quickly on Facebook Messenger.

5 eight zero-749- nine four 77

Thanks,  Gary D. Blodgett