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Dr. Feel Good, it is exactly what the name suggests. Customers repeatedly say one word, relief. Check out our reviews to see why people are loving this strain.

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This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases. The FDA has not approved this product for human internal consumption and is sold as a botanical only. You must be 18 years old to purchase. See terms of service.

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Type: Kratom Powder

Customer Reviews

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Ms Irby
Freaking awesome

This stuff saved my life. Dr Feelgood is an apt name. Keep it coming!!

Candis Watts
LOVE this one!

This is one of my favorites that I've had from okies. It is full of euphoria for me. Not too fast.. no jitters or anxiety. Just straight Bliss honestly. I really LOVE this one!

Michael Turek

One of the best white strains I’ve ever had! Definitely recommend!

My favorite

I work nightshift in a plywood mill and have 3 crazy boys (15,11, and 4) so I'm always on the go without enough sleep, so my 3 main properties I was looking for was
1. Mood boost- 5 stars, it's literally feel good lol.
2. Energy- 5 stars, it gives me really great energy without the jitters and sleepy crash
3. Pain relief- 5 stars, I have major back, hand and joint pain and this makes life SO much bearable and makes me functional!

I just wish I was able to grab more of it before it sells out. I haven't been able to find a strain that comes close to this out of all of them. I actually thought it was a green and didn't realize it was a white.

Rico Mariani

All of them I got very good and it very easy to pay.
All of them were good but ny personal favorites were green dragon and Dy-No-Mite