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Okie White. White Vein. Higher on the energy side like a premium original White Fire.  I think you will really like this one.  Can't wait for reviews.,

This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases. The FDA has not approved this product for human internal consumption and is sold as a botanical only. You must be 18 years old to purchase. See terms of service.

Customer Reviews

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Trevor Dowling
Been using Kratom for 10 years okies is def legit top supplier

Really kinda makes me buzz through my day literally! And def not over stimulating either. This and S green are always near by.

Good white

it is good and does the trick everytime i take it but it's not as good as the good day sunshine that's the best.

Cedrick b.
1st white fire order was 1-12-2020

I used the okie white original white fire back in 2020, and made it my daily for awhile, took a long break, but boy am i glad grabbed this pack to get me started back up! Took half a teaspoon and man Phenomenal jittery get you going buzz but not to much that it me anxious, and a mellow, mild and euphoric come down, definitely going to be adding another bag of this in my next order!

John McElroy
Usually a green guy but…

This was definitely one of the better bags I have had.

Solid and dependable

I always come back to Okies, always the most competitive prices while offering great choices, and sweet customer service. This is a great choice if you want to feel jitters and a nice mood boost to get through the day. This has become one of my every day strains! Thanks for always having a nice consistent quality and great practice in what you do. No one would go wrong ordering this one.